• Leif Eriksen

Never Waste a Crisis, or Why I Started This Website

Updated: May 29

Covid-19 is a black swan event. Very few of us saw it coming and it is affecting everyone - some much more than others. In particular, I have been thinking a great deal about those who are most vulnerable to the effects of this virus and other deadly viruses, including the seasonal flu. Some of them are in that position because of circumstances completely beyond their control and this is where we depend on our medical system to help out. Yet, there are many who are compromised because they don't have the information and tools necessary to make better decisions with respect to their health and well being. As I said in my previous note - The 7 Most Dangerous Myths About Health and Wellness - it's not their fault.

If nothing else comes out of this crisis I hope that we come out of it with the recognition that the threat of deadly viruses is not going away and that our best defense is a good offense. No, I'm not talking about having a better prepared government response. I'm talking about preparing our own bodies to fight off deadly diseases. The strength of our immune system is very much a function of how healthy we are and how healthy we are is a very much a function of choices we make. And you don't want the government - any government! - making those choices for you. At best they are going to be years behind the prevailing science.

One of my passions in life is health and wellness. It all started almost 50 years ago when my grandmother - Mimi - made me drink what she called "Tiger's Milk". I have no idea what was in that drink, or whether it really made me healthier, but I respected her so I drank it. And there is no question that I was better off drinking it than a soda. In the intervening years I have had an on again, off again relationship with health and wellness. It has always been a consideration but never stopped me from ordering a hot dog at the ballpark or eating dessert when offered to me. Let's just say I have been better than most but not as good as many.

Which brings me to today and, like many people as they get older I have started to think more about my health and how it will impact what I can do and how I will feel as I age. For the record, I feel pretty good. This is in spite of a shoulder that I was told would need to be surgically repaired over 15 years ago and a hip I was told would need to be replaced over 5 years ago. I have had neither surgery nor do I plan to do so any time soon. What I have found is that if I follow a certain diet (more on that later) my body is less inflamed and these damaged joints don't bother me. I can walk, run, bike, kayak, work out at the gym, climb trees in the yard, cut wood, move heavy objects, etc. without any issues. This doesn't mean I won't ever have to get the surgeries but, for now, I'm good.

I should also point out that, at the age of 61, I don't take any pharmaceutical products and, knock on wood, hope to keep it that way for a long time. Maybe its a result of good (or lucky) genes but if I were to share with you my family's medical history you would see there are some serious issues in my bloodline. So, maybe I'm luckier than most but not as lucky as many. Which brings me back to my passion. I am passionate about understanding how different forces impact our health and how we might improve our health outcomes. This will benefit us personally but also free up scarce and costly medical resources to help those truly in need.

This website is for YOU and for me. I hope you will discover how to incrementally improve your own health and improve your quality of life - not just now but well into the future. And I know I will benefit from your feedback and the interaction I have with you. I don't have all the answers (who does?) but I will always be honest about what I know and don't know. Unlike what is promised in many pharmaceutical ads, I don't have a magic pill or potion to help you. So please engage with me and and please share this with others so that, together, we can help more people make choices that benefit them. Let's not waste this crisis.


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